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Eng Title : Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Movie

Alt Title : The Military Chronicles of a Little Girl Movie

Year : 2019

Genre : Action, Fantasy, Magic, Military, Seinen

Type : Movie

Season :

Status : Complete

Rating : R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

Episodes : 1/1

Duration : 1 hr. 55 min.

Studios : Studio NUT


In 1926, Tanya and her battalion return home from defeating remnants of the Republic's army. However, when they arrive they receive word of a massive mobilization near the border with the Russy Federation, so the Empire's army must prepare. At the same time, a multinational army under the leadership of the Allied Kingdom moves into the Russy Federation. The enemy of an enemy is a friend, but among the Allied Kingdom army is Mary Sioux, a girl who has sworn to exact justice against the Empire for the death of her father.

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