Tutorial : How to Join .001 .002 .003 Files together as One?

Posted on March 17, 2019
There are two Easy Way to do it.
1st. Using 7-zip (My Personal Fav.) and 2nd. Using FFSJ (It’s Good too)

::~:Method ~ 01 : Using 7-zip (Fastest and Easy) ::~::
Step~01. Download and Install 7-zip.

Step~02. Do as above.

Step~03. The File will be Added to a new folder. Open and Play!!

::~:Method ~ 02 : Using FFSJ (Fastest File Splitter and Joiner) ::~::
Step~01. Download and Install FFSJ.

 Step~02. Keep all Parts in Same Folder.

Step~03. Right click on .001 file and Click Join.

Step~04. A new window will pop-up ~ Click Join ~ it will start joining Parts.

Step~04. Joining Completed ~ File Ready to Play.