Score: 6.75/10

Recorder to Randoseru Do♪ | 10MB | 720p BD | Download Links | [Complete]

Eng Title : Recorder and Randsell Do

Alt Title : Recorder and Backpack Do

Year : 2012

Genre : Comedy, School, Seinen, Slice of Life

Type : TV

Season : Winter 2012

Status : Complete

Rating : PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Episodes : 13/13

Duration : 3 min. per ep.

Studios : Seven


As siblings go, Atsumi and Atsushi are anything but typical. High schooler Atsumi is exceptionally small for her age, and elementary schooler Atsushi is abnormally tall with a deep voice, leading to misunderstandings on both sides! Whether Moriyama-sensei gets embarassed by Atsushi's every move, or Atsumi is offered candy meant for children, or poor Atsushi is arrested for being a perv that’s trying to snatch kids on their way to class, this brother and sister duo is bound to have an eventful day-to-day life!

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Episodes are Zipped together as One | Total Size About 130MB

Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels | Size: 10MB/Episode | RAW Source: BD-Rip

Display aspect ratio : 16:9 | Bit depth: 8 bits

Frame rate mode: Constant Frame Rate (27.0)

Audio: Japanese (Vorbis) | Subtitle: English (.ass)

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