Ganbare Douki-chan Anime Cover

Score: 6.95/10

Ganbare Douki-chan | Episode 05 | 20 MB | 720p | Download Links | [Ongoing]

Eng Title : Do Your Best, Douki-chan

Alt Title : Senpai is Mine

Year : 2021

Genre : Comedy, Ecchi, Romance

Type : ONA

Season :

Status : Ongoing

Rating : PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Episodes : 5/12

Duration : 6 min. per ep.

Studios : AtelierPontdarc


"In a shared room with my co-worker at the hotel?! Although I was warned not to do anything stupid, my eyes would inadvertently turn to her legs wrapped in pantyhose..." Unbeknownst to him however, Douki-chan secretly has feelings for him. As Douki-chan struggles to confess her feelings, her rivals, both the kouhai and senpai, continue to vie for his affection. Ganbare Douki-chan realistically depicts the texture of clothes, cute expressions, and exciting situations with plenty of temptation, featuring a great deal of satisfying highlights.

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