Score: 6.58/10

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Eng Title : Ah My Buddha!!

Alt Title : Amaenaideyo!!

Year : 2005

Genre : Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Magic, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural

Type : TV

Season : Summer 2005

Status : Complete

Rating : R± Mild Nudity

Episodes : 12/12

Duration : 24 min. per ep.

Studios : Studio Deen


Ikkoa, 16 year old boy, is a Buddhist monk in training who works at his grandmother’s temple with six nuns -- six very attractive nuns. Though lazy, weak and unmotivated to learn the skills of a monk, amazingly strong holy powers sleep inside of Ikko that are triggered only by the awakening of his, shall we say, lust for worldly delights. A vengeful spirit is haunting your home? A flash of pantsu, and Ikko's your man. But therein lies danger; what really is the secret behind his mysterious powers? And how many hits to the head from angry, semi-naked nuns can a man take?

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