Score: 6.00/10

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Eng Title : Agent AIKa

Year : 1997

Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Funservice, Sci-fi

Type : OVA

Season : Spring 1997

Status : Complete

Rating : R± Mild Nudity

Episodes : 7/7

Duration : 30 min. per ep.

Studios : Studio Fantasia


Earth has been struck by a major catastrophe, causing most of the land to be covered by water. Meet Aika Sumeragi, a scavenger who unearths everything from nostalgic treasures to lost technology from the depths - for a price. During a routine assignment to find the rumored energy source Lagu, she finds herself face to face with a man called Hargan and his harem of scantily clad women named Delma! Now, with danger afoot, Aika finds herself smack dab in the middle of a conspiracy involving secret weapons, a crazed scientist and of course, panty shots galore!

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